Charges and Payment - Refund Poloicy

You will make payment in full to Service provider introduced to you through us for any services provided by such Service provider to you. You shall be required to pay the minimum charges & Repair charges along with the spare parts costs, if any installed or replaced / substituted in the products, to the Service Provider and the minimum service charges rates can be found on the Website of the Company. The Service charges shall be updated or amended from time to time and it shall be your responsibility to remain informed about the prevailing minimum charges for the services. And you should confirm the same from the Service provider about the service charge for the repair of the products before initiation of the Service. You agree that you will pay for all services you avail from the Service Provider by way of c online payment, or any other payment method introduced by the company. Any payment made is non-refundable. After the completion of the Service, we will facilitate for you to receive a copy of the acknowledgement from the Service Provider on your registered e-mail account with the Company.

Service Cancellation Rights / Policy

Once the Services booked via our platform ( Website,Mobile app )  and the amount is paid upon agreement then the amount is non-refundable. But as We are selling service and service can not start immediately, You can Cancel booked services & ask for a refund within 10 minutes of payment.

We will process your refund as soon as possible . We’re able to. In some cases, We might ask you for the opportunity to resolve the issue for You or We can have a discussion meeting for better outcome.

We may refuse to refund clients who act in bad faith or misused the services. Refunds will not be applicable to discounted services .